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Decadence and functional autism

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"Why do we let ourselves categorize people into all these different files that the society, in all its different shapes, tells us are right? And why do we let the milions of labels our prejudices can sort out on a human being be glued onto their forehead in our eyes -
Instead of just seeing every person as an individual?
Why don’t we let everyone choose their own title, instead of being given all this things to live up to just because of the categorazination of people?
When are we gonna ask someone who they are, before we start telling them what we think, in our ignorant mask of stereotypes and prejudices, making them into something they may not want to be, someone other then what they are?
All these subjective descriptions we use to describe what is really for the strangers, totally unknown;
Please, dear unique individual of the modern human being; let me know you, because if you don’t let me, I never will."


Human beings are self-important and egocentric. Care only for ourselves;

But still we value ourselves in the opinions of others.

(via the-mental-hospital)